What Can Be Treated?

  A wide range of ailments can be treated with homeopathy. This part of the site will give you some information on some of the more typical or common ailments that people have.

The site will be steadily developed over the coming weeks so if what you are interested in is not described below, feel free to email us with a specific question.

  Generally, you can categorise ailments into 3 distinct types:

Ailments requiring
First Aid are immediate problems of say accidents, insect bites or panic attacks

Acute Diseases are ones which have relatively short duration usually with a clear start and causation such as measles, food poisoning, coughs, sore throats or recovery from surgery.

Chronic Diseases last comparitively long times, don't necessarily have a clear start or causation and can be characterised by ongoing flare-ups or periods of worsening symptoms such as eczema, asthma, irritable bowel syndrome and insomnia.

Note I have given examples above of what are commonly known as diseases, however in reality it should be borne in mind that these are actually names given to certain collections of symptoms. In homeopathy we would not consider say measles or asthma as 'a disease' but as a collection of symptoms produced by the underlying disease. For the purposes of this page though, you will find information about these ailments listed under their commonly known names.

This page doesn't cover first aid complaints but gives a little information from a homeopathic perspective on some common acute and chronic complaints. NOTE: some of the listed ailments are not easily categorised as either acute or chronic, for instance in the case of coughs, a bad cough may well be a once off ailment but it might also be a sign of an underlying chronic disease. As a general rule, frequently or regularly recurring problems such as a cold should be treated as a chronic disease. So in the lists below, some ailments are listed under one category but the accompanying explanantion may demonstrate how it relates to or could just as easily be listed under the other category.

Click on any of the highlighted ailments listed below for information on some of the commonly known conditions (As this site is developed, the active links will become highlighted)

common cold
cough (persistent)
chicken pox
ear infection
menopausal complaints
panic attacks
teething troubles
(initial bout of) tonsillitis
allergies including hay fever
general anxiety
headaches (recurrent)
irritable bowel syndrome

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