Using Homeopathy at home  
People use Homeopathy to treat the symptoms of a range of health problems such as colds,chest infections or gastro intestinal problems, repeated headaches, PMT or menstrual imbalance, panic attacks, depression or sleep problems.

Travelling by car was a nightmare for my daughter and I. The journey could result in nausea, vomiting and inevitably tears. That was until Suzi told me about Nux Vomica, now safely stored in the glove compartment of the car for such emergencies.”


Using Homeopathy at Home Course is designed to provide sufficient background knowledge so you feel confident using low potency remedies at home for acute illness like coughs, flu, headaches, upset stomachs, shocks, temperatures, burns, falls, etc. Homeopathy is a health enhancing way of treating bugs and viruses by stimulating the body’s own defences and useful too in times of emergency.

On the course you will also learn about the Natural Law of Cure, working with the Minimum Dose, case taking methods together with pointers for when to give a remedy, how frequently to give it, when a symptom is safe to treat with Homeopathy from home and when you should look for other help.

In a small informal group setting, discussion around each topic on the course outline tends to incorporate examples from your home. Practical work includes simple exercises to practise case taking and working with a dictionary of symptoms to lead you to possible remedies.

Based in Wicklow Town, the courses are very flexible starting when at least 6 people are available for the same 1 hour time slot and are run over six weeks on dates that suit the group (€100 for the full course or €20 per class). Bookings now being taken. If you or your friends would like to participate please phone Suzi on 087 6560116 or email



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