Drop in Clinic for minor and acute ailments


Currently closed due to maternity leave

But assistance for minor and acute ailments can be provided by telephone


The low cost drop in clinic was set up to treat seasonal bugs - things like food poisioning, gastric flu, coughs, colds, non repetitive headaches, sore throats, flu, once off tonsilitis, sprains, swelling, first aid, morning sickness etc. These are all symptoms with a short lifespan.

Where something keeps returning or has become more chronic i.e. migraines, repeated tonsilitis, irritable bowel syndrome, eczema or other skin problems, asthma, menstrual irregularities etc, full consultations of 45- 80 minutes will be required therefore these can only be advised upon by appointment outside of the "Drop In Clinic" .

How does it work?

Suzi will then spend 10 - 15 minutes discussing details of your symptoms with you to ensure sufficient information is provided for a homeopathic prescription. The homeopathic remedy is provided to you (free of charge) with details of how to take it. You will also be told how to contact Suzi after the appointment, should you require further advice until you or your child feels better. This is our courtesy support service to ensure that you or your child progresses towards health quickly.

Homeopathic remedies simply taste sweet and are easy to swallow by children, adults or the elderly.

Is this an expensive experience? We want this service to be accessible to anybody that wishes to choose to use it so the costs are kept to a minimum. In addition, homeopathic consultations are covered by most private health insurers.

The cost is €35 including prescription.

We can also suggest additional useful items that can be purchased at a health store or pharmacy if you so wish.
Where possible we want to be able to assist you without further charge until you feel better.


  Address: Wicklow Town & Greystones