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The stories on this page were kindly sent in by a few clients who felt it would be useful to share their experience. Their stories may help to illustrate the types of situations where Homeopathy can be helpful.


Night terrors in my 2 year old meant weeks of sleep deprivation & worry, solved by Homeopathy.

My (then) 2 year old girl was having night terrors, every night. The lack of sleep for her, & us, was affecting every aspect of life. Every night I would go to bed exhausted, knowing I would be up again that night for hours with her, between her having the night terror & then when she would wake from it, it took hours to calm her & get her back to sleep. Many mornings I was just getting back to bed when my husband was getting up for work. Normally my daughter had been a great sleeper & had always slept through the night.

The day times with her then were very difficult as she was so tired all the time that she was very clingy, acting out, crying etc. We were exhausted too from lack of sleep & so coping with her all day was more difficult because of that. It was having an negative effect on everything.

After wracking my brains & researching for days I couldn't think of anything at all that could be causing the problem. It was heartbreaking, night after night, listening to her being so upset in her sleep, & feeling helpless. In the mornings she wouldn't remember anything of the night before, as seems to be usual with night terrors.

After this continued for weeks I was really desperate to get help for her, and get us all some sleep & I decided to take her to a homeopath. Finding a good homeopath who was also in the local area was very important as travelling any distance to see someone regularly, with a 2 year old & severe lack of sleep, wasn't an option. It was very important also to find someone who my daughter was comfortable with & who was easy to communicate with, as she was already easily upset through lack of sleep. She immediately took to Suzi. The relaxed atmosphere of her home & office was ideal for our situation as it was like a familiar homely setting as opposed to a doctor-type office, with waiting room etc.

After only a few days I noticed she was improving, I was delighted. However a few days later the night terrors returned, but I remembered Suzi telling me that this was normal & that after another few days things should settle down again, which it did.

Over time her symptoms continued to improve until the night terrors were completely gone. There was no other way I could have gotten any help for night terrors so without homeopathy we would have just had to continue with my daughter being very distressed in her sleep, awake then for hours, and then being exhausted & out of sorts all day, in a viscous cycle.
Having found homeopathy to work so well, & the fact it was perfectly safe & natural for my little girl, I went on to use Homeopathy whenever she had a cold or other minor ailments. Homeopathy works quickly & efficiently in clearing colds and so shortens a heavy cold to only a few days. Luckily she is a very healthy girl so she rarely is ill, other than to have colds or coughs.
I highly recommend homeopathy, and in particular Suzi Duff, & have no hesitation in using it whenever I need it.

Michele T, Co Wicklow

March 2013

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Short term treatment and longer term boosts

My name is Leslie and at the tender age of 49 I joined a multinational industry that required me to travel to the continent at least once a week, what with the early morning flights and a very heavy work load I felt that my work concentration/memory ability and health was beginning to suffer.

During the early stages of my new job I had lots of time to read (during flights/waiting in airports) and I came across some very interesting articles on Homeopathy. When I got a chance I went to a Homeopathic chemist in Dublin and they supplied with a number of practitioners.

I will not say that after one meeting, I got a magical potion and my life became perfect, no but thanks to the homeopath’s knowledge and understanding approach she was, in a very short time able to prescribe the correct remedies that at first gave great "short term improvement", this gave the boost I needed and also allowed the homeopath to identify the correct long term solution.

My life style has not changed in the past 10 years, if anything it is worse (airport delays are longer for a start) so I need now and then to have a follow-up consultation for a ‘Boost’, but I feel better able to cope with the stress of life and my concentration/memory is better than (I think it was) before I went down the road of Homeopathy.

Leslie July 2007

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I have saved so much time, money, stress and fear thanks to Homeopathy!

I don't know if I ever thanked you properly for getting me into Homeopathy and the wonderful book you gave me; you wouldn't believe how often I use it and successfully too. I have saved so much time, money, stress and fear by having that option. For example in the middle of the night with the kids, so often taking a remedy calms them. It’s totally empowering for me.

It’s just great to have the choice. So my friend, merci, merci, mille merci for helping me to help myself. I must admit I was so spoilt by the quick answer in allopathy and it can be confusing with the French way of using Homeopathy, all low potency and 3 of this and 5 of that...but it works as well so who cares. Thanks again :)

Mary McGrory-Boutty
La Rochelle, France
May 2009

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Homeopathy doesn’t treat the body as a lego project

Up until eight years ago, I would have been extremely cynical about homeopathy. The concept of small pills or drops of liquid curing ills so quickly, as well as the inconvenience of taking them several times a day [only in some instances] seemed to be ridiculous. Then one of my family became quite ill and despite going to many different specialists, her health did not improve. Purely to have tried another avenue, not expecting any particular good to come of it, we went to a homeopath. The initial improvement was so quick (literally within a week) that I became alarmed and contacted a friend who was both a GP and a mother, who told me that she too used homeopathy and that what was prescribed for my daughter was perfectly safe.

What I like about homeopathy is that it doesn’t set itself up in competition to ‘conventional’ medicine. I have over the last eight years attended or brought my family to two homeopaths, neither of whom have ever told me not to attend a GP. In fact both have, in the case of very serious life threatening illnesses, taken on board the prognosis of conventional specialists when coming up with remedies to better the health of my family. The conventional biomedical model seeks to mend bits as they break down, or defeat disease when it occurs. Homeopathy seeks to cure also, but doesn’t treat the body as a lego project, rather treats the person as a whole entity. Both homeopaths that I have attended have provided a holistic experience; I feel that in treating me they have drawn on the strengths of my health in dealing with aspects of ill health, whereas a conventional doctor would often provide broad spectrum antibiotics which kill not only bad the but the good in their path. GP’s and Homeopaths have similar price structures, however a GP will give you ten, fifteen minutes of your time whereas homeopath sessions last approximately an hour.

Finally, what I would like to see developing with regard to homeopathy is the demise of the sole power of conventional biomedicine as the gatekeeper for insurance access re fees for health care services. Not all, indeed I would hazard that not many GP’s are willing to refer for homeopathic services and so the full cost of visits has to be born by the patient, putting homeopathy out of reach of many.

M.G. Dublin.

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Free from psoriasis

Homeopathy works extremely well for me as a parallel partner to conventional medicine.

18 years ago I developed psoriasis for which there is no medical cure as far as I am aware. Having tried lots of things I decided to give Homeopathy a try. My Homeopath, told me the route to cure for psoriasis is likely to be a long one but that she felt she could try to help me.

One and a half years later, after regular treatment, the horrible condition had disappeared permanently. I was simply amazed.

Homeopathy is now part of my life. I use it for things that conventional medicine doesn’t address for me. I also use it as a treatment for ordinary medicine issues. If I ever become seriously ill I will use Homeopathy in tandem with conventional medicine.

Caroline Gray
August 2007

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Desperate for my child to get better, now no doubts -homeopathy works!

For the past 15 turbulent months the wonderful knowledge, skills and experience of my homoepath have been an invaluable part of our family life. A friend suggested I try even one appointment with her as I was really at the end of my reason with trying to get my beautiful 2 year old's asthma and eczema under control. My friend sang this homeopath's praises and told about her experience and explained the process to me, then a friend of my husband also suggested we give HOMEOPATHY a go. I had always used arnica for bumps and bruises for my 3 children and I found it very effective when I had to have my wisdom teeth taken out, but up until then, that had been the extent of my own use of Homeopathy.

I tend to go with my gut instinct a lot in life and I knew that the other medication my daughter was taking for her symptoms simply was not working. We have a significant family history of asthma and eczema and I was deeply distressed at the thought of a life full of ill health for my little girl. I was desperate. I rang, I got an appointment, we went. I was very hopeful after our initial appointment, it took over 1.5 hours and the homoepath seemed to take such a detailed history asking what seemed at the time like such unimportant questions. I was drained after that visit and yet strangely excited at the same time. She asked me to call her a day or two later, after she had time to work on the case. She also gave my daughter a small white tablet to suck under her tongue, which she said would help to see her over the immediate distressing symptoms.

Within a very short time her symptoms improved dramatically. I was delighted. Over the next few days her symptoms worsened again and I remember feeling very low and deflated. I wondered had it just been a lucky coincidence..... I spoke to the homoepath over the phone at length telling her exactly what had happened and how she had reacted, she seemed pleased and gave me a further remedy to give her.

Since then my daughter is a much happier child, she is sick far less often, her symptoms have not gone away altogether, but they are kept under good control with the help of remedies which I give depending on the symptoms at that time. My daughter does not now use inhalers, oral steroids or high % steroid creams. Instead, she uses all natural, gentle and safe homeopathic remedies. My gut tells me this is RIGHT, my daughter's health tells me this is right. At the tender age of 3, she can tell me if and when she needs remedy!

One visit led to another and one phone call led to another! Since my first visit in May 2006, I have also brought my other two children and even myself for various different ailments! Word of mouth and personal experience is one of the best forms of communication and more than half a dozen of my own friends and family have now been, all of whom feel they have had good results. IT WORKS.

My words for anyone who is wondering whether or not to pay any Registered Homeopath a visit is.... go for it, don't hesitate. It is an amazing form of safe and natural health-care.

I have left my contact number with my homeopath and would be happy to discuss my experiences with prospective clients. Here’s to a happy, healthy future.

Roisin, Greystones
July 2007.

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Hay fever relief

I have suffered from hay-fever for a number of years. Spring time always brought tissues, inhalers and running eyes, sneezing, blocked head, poor sleep, headaches and sinus congestion. All conventional remedies had limited mixed results. Their side effects were almost as bad as they tended to make me very drowsy.

This year I tried Homeopathy and started visiting a Homeopath in December. I was delighted with the results! It seemed to be a particularly bad year for hay-fever sufferers but I had the best year for as long as I can remember. All of the symptoms improved, only very occasionally have I suffered from any of the old complaints. These are then only mild and quickly treated by taking my Homeopathic remedy. I’m getting a good night’s sleep, have a clear head, breathing is clearer, I don’t have headaches and I’m a happy camper!!

John, Greystones, July 2008.

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Speeded up getting better (sore throat)

“I had a sore throat and was feeling awful. I knew it would be 3 days before I’d feel better so I decided to ask if Homeopathy might help. The Homeopath took my symptoms and prescribed a remedy. What followed was amazing, within 2 hours I felt great and it didn’t return!”

Peter Lawless, Greystones, March 2006

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Pregnancy issues? Homeopathy can help greatly.

With thanks to Wicklow Homeopathy and their expertise in Homeopathy, Suzi and Tara brought me through some extremely sick periods during a pregnancy and afterwards.

The various remedies worked in conjunction with conventional medicine and also in times when there was no other medicine available.

Pre and Post natal periods (including breastfeeding) are difficult enough times without one being sick and then worrying about the baby being affected by medication. I found Homeopathy to be the best treatment for anything at any time, be it baby teething, sore throat or sinusitis, bad period pain or the dreaded hemorrhoids.

There seems to be a cure for everything - even helping with hormonal issues!

Also the contact is great, where else can you txt your healthcare provider & tell them you have sinusitis again and then go pick up a remedy, or ring them at 11pm in a panic for advice ?

I certainly recommend Suzi and her partners to anybody who needs anything sorted out!

Karen Lithgow, Greystones July 2008

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Son free from congestion sneezing and wheezing - so I thought I'd try it myself!

A couple of years ago I got fed up with my sons return to school. He is now thirteen years old. Every September he would get totally congested in his nose and couldn't breathe properly, enough to make him miserable.

I put this down to a summer filled with fresh air and the outdoors and 1st of September comes around and the child would start sneezing and sometimes wheezing from being in the school building most of the day with chalk dust, no air and loads of other kids. Although he blew his nose quite often, it never seemed to clear. This would last for the whole first term of school, resulting in a miserable kid. We went to the doctor every September and although given various sprays and syrups nothing cleared it. Upon talking to a friend who recommended a homeopath in Greystones, I made an appointment.

The homeopath listened to what we had to say for about two hours. I brought with me all the medication in my son's life, Zirtec, Vicks Sinex Nasal Spray, endless tissues and the ventolin inhaler. She listened and drew him out on his life style, what he liked what he disliked, asked him about his dreams, his goals and his friends. We found out lots of things we didn't know about!

She gave him three little white tablets with instructions on how and when to take them. We did exactly as directed. After taking the first remedy my son stated that within one hour he could breathe through his nose. We were so delighted. He took the other two remedies and the next day we texted to let the homeopath know how effective the remedies were. The congestion was totally cleared up.

We went back to the homeopath about six weeks later and she was very happy with the results. My son still gets the odd cold (he is only human) but nothing like what his life was like before homeopathy.


After the success with my son’s treatment I went for homeopathy myself last year as I was having very bad cold sores and fatigue. Again the homeopath listened and asked questions about my life for about an hour and a half and then gave me two tablets to take. I had a cold sore at the time so I took the first remedy on the way home in the car. After about half an hour I had major tingling in my lip and the cold sore was gone in about two days. My energy levels were up too.

I would and have recommended homeopathy to family and friends. It has worked for us and we are very happy with the results."

Tracy, August 2006

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My 2 year old son was in hospital for 22 months due to breathing problems. He was producing thick mucus from his lungs that was difficult for him to cough up. His first dose of the prescribed Homeopathic remedy brought incredible relief by liquefying the secretions. This in turn reduced the need for nebulisers and made coughing easier for him.

We use Homeopathic remedies as an on-going part of his healthcare.

Petra Fulham, Greystones November 2008

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